The nurse explained to me that not everyone who swallows cholera germs gets sick like my father, but they can still spread the disease.

Teach to Transform (TTT) is teaching about waterborne illness in developing countries. The organizationis using an iPad to show The Story of Cholera video in remote areas to teach people how diarrheal diseases are transmitted and what to do to prevent them.

TTT encourages sustainability so they want local people to be able to share the information and knowledge with other villagers. A volunteer of TTT developed a set of still pictures from our movie—about 50 in all—in flashcard format. The flashcards can be left with local leaders to “spread the word” without the need for equipment that can play the video.

These flashcards are now available for downloading from our website in English and Haitian Creole. We are preparing flashcards for other languages.

Comments on: "Flashcards for The Story of Cholera" (2)

  1. weberdlee said:

    What an excellant idea!

  2. Susan Baker said:

    The flashcards are perfect. Blew them up the 11X14, laminated, punched holes and put rings in them to take to a more remote area of Hati where we needed to be able to present it to large groups. In one week we presented to Story of Cholera to more than 300 people including a group of more than 150 church leaders from around Pignon and they raved about it. Said this was exactly what their communities needed to hear and asked if someone would come to their schools to present it. It started some interesting discussion among this group. We plan to go back in March and present it at other schools and leave some copies there. Thank you so much for doing this.

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