Our cordseries of newborn care videos is off to a great start, with online viewership more than doubling since March to almost 15,000 views in August. According to YouTube analytics, the newborn care videos have been viewed in 198 countries (including territories). The largest number of views (after the US) come from India and Mexico. The most frequently watched videos are Inserting an IV (12,000 views) and Breathing Problems (10,000 views). Overall, our videos have been viewed more than 150,000 times, and more than 9,000 copies have been downloaded.

Comments on: "Newborn care video viewership rising rapidly" (3)

  1. Dr. S. Sridhar said:

    Really useful videos for health programs on newborn care. Not surprising that a lot of the viewership comes from India.

    Availability in Indian languages will help tremendously. Are they being translated?
    Some local adaptations would make them more directly usable by large programs. Is there scope?

    • Deb Van Dyke said:

      Dear Dr. Sridhar,

      We would be very interested in collaborating with organizations or teaching institutions to make our videos available in other languages. If they are voiced over in some of the major Indian languages they will have broad reach. Please let us know if you can help us with that. Thank you.

  2. The videos are useful beyond CHW,

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