Our Supporters

Many people have helped make our work possible and successful, either by contributing their time and expertise or by making a financial donation.  We are extremely grateful to everyone that has supported us.  We would like to thank the individuals and organizations shown below.  And, we would also like to extend our appreciation to all those who wish to remain anonymous.

The Price Family Foundation

Halima Abdu


Miriam Adhikari

Lydia Regina Aerede

Otto Albers

Connie Alfaro

Mónica Algazi

Yashua Alkali

Charlotte Blake Alston

Barbara Anderson and John Romani

John Anderson

Karen Anderson

Bonnie Atwater

Tony Bacon

Steve Badanes

Michael Bailey

Sylvia Balderrama and John Morley

Jane Bancroft

Devo and John Barkhausen

Nancy and Bob Baron

Nasir Mohammed Bashir

Randi Bates

Maneesh Batra

Heidi Becher

Rick Beers

Mohammed “Sulieman” Bello

Arty Bennett

Carey Bennett

Beth Binns and Jeff Schoellkopf

Jill Bobrow

The Brightwater Fund

Laura and Duncan Brines

Patty Brown and Paul Fleischman

Ferris Buck

Cynthia and Stanley Button

Jack Byrne

Monica Cahilly

Andrea Campbell

Greg Canavera

Christy and Mike Cardellichio

Patricia Carreira

Esbed Cavazos

Subhankar Chakrabarty

Shakuntala Chhabra

Carley Claghorn

Robin and David Cohen

Connie Colman and Richard Travers

Lucia Colombino

Wrenn Compere

Elizabeth Conger

Marianne Connor

Chris Conroy

Larry Consenstein

Barb and Art Conway

Stephen Coren

Russell Cox

Wendy Cox

Barbara Crook

Bill Crossman

Chris Curl

Sheena Currie

Dada Daneshananda

Alyson Davidson

Joseph de Graft-Johnson

Henri de Marne

Daisy Dharmaraj

Roni Donnenfeld and Sucosh Norton

Sherry Drysdale

Joanne Duhl

Renee du Toit

Marc Faucher

Marge Finley

Barrie Fisher

Mary Flemming

Serena Fox

Eva Frankel

Geraldine Frye

Bernard Fuller

Joseph Gainza

Suzanne Germaine

Shannon Gilligan and Ray Montgomery

Courtenay Good

Jane Goodwin

Craig Goss

Chris Goulet

Brenda Haley

Geordie Hall

Paul Hanke

Barbara Hanrahan

Karen Hays

Bob Hebener

Gertrud Helling-Giese

Kay Henry and Rob Center

Ali Hobart and Mike Riddell

Jane and Al Hobart

Robert Hoffman

Kate Horrigan

Laurie House

Avril and David Howe

Audrey Huffman


Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant

Betsy and Chris Isles

Tony Italiano

Gloria Jarecki

Thea Johnson

Marleen Julien

Miki Karplus

Bruno Keene

Sabra Kelley and Tom Montgomery

Peter Kent

Marge Keough

Marion and Warren Koss

Marco Kunzler

Andrea Largent

Larsen Fund

E. Levey/Dewey Family Charitable Trust

Liz Levey

Dori and Bert Lindsay

Suzana Lisanti and Peter Kaplan

Juan Llado

Lisa Loomis

Alex and Bill Maclay

Tavish MacLeod

Carl MacNeal

Celeste Madden

Madeline Mann

Goldy Mazia

Robin McDermott and Ray Mikulak

Michael McDonald

Duncan McDougall

Joel McLafferty

Pete Mhunzi

Wadson Michel

Ellen Miles

Marc Mitchell

Nancy and Jess Mobley

Megan and Greg Moffroid

Rosana Mondino

Rebecca Montgomery

Tina Nabatchi

Nepali Refugee Community of Burlington

Rebecca Ngalande

Laurent Nicole

Ritva Nieme

Henry E. Niles Foundation

Caitrin Noel

Tom O’Callaghan

Linda Olson

Once Upon a Child

Emmanuel Otolorin

Archana Patel

Carel Pedre

Lorelei Pepi

Marianne Perchlik

Joanne Pérodin

Marie José Pérodin

Plansoen Trust

Ali Ramezani

Abdel Rassi

Claudia Reynaud

Vicki Rich

Susan Ritz

Judy Robertson

Sandrine Robin

Mercedes Saravia

Anne and Art Schaller

Jean Sherman

Jacek Sierakowski

Dumas Siméus

Kimberly Siméus

Douglas Simkiss

Claire and Barry Simpson

Lauren and Geoff Slater

Eran Spira

Julie and Scott Springer

Anna Stegemoeller

Larry Sterne

Joanne Stevens

Ellen Strauss and Jim Sanford

Diane Szczesuil

Shakuntla Talwar

Laxmi Tamang

Matheus Favaretto Tazinafo

Translators Without Borders

Nancy Turner

Lisa Umphrey

Cliff Van Dyke

Lisa Van Dyke

Mary Jean and John Van Dyke

Elisa Vandervort

Nand Wadhwani

The Waitsfield Inn

Sheila and Michael Ware

Bonnie Westwater

Randa Wilkinson

Nancy Wilson-Rhoades

Dave Woods

Marna Zok

Zoot Fund of the Vermont Comm. Found.


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