Our videos are distributed as widely as possible, free-of-charge to frontline health workers and their communities.

Our website is the primary means of disseminating our videos rapidly and efficiently. By using our website as the main pathway for video access, we can manage and control all changes and updates to our videos, thus ensuring they meet the highest-quality standards.

Videos can be used online or offline. Video viewing can occur via a range of devices including video-capable phones, computers, laptops, netbooks, and PDAs depending on the technology available at training facilities or by individual health workers.

For those users who choose offline use, we have provided two download options on this website: a mobile phone version (smaller file size with lower resolution) and a laptop/tablet version (medium size and resolution).

Distribution Partners

In an effort to increase the distribution of our newborn care videos, we are establishing partnerships with some groups who are actively distributing video-based educational resources.

HealthPhone:  Working with UNICEF/India and the Indian Ministry of Health, HealthPhone will be distributing our videos on a memory card for mobile phones. This initiative has the potential to give two million health workers access to visual training tools in 15 Indian languages without the need for internet connectivity.

EBW Healthcare:  South African-based EBW Healthcare will be incorporating our videos into their eBooks, which are self-managed learning programs for nurses and midwives that are used across southern Africa. The newborn care books are edited by Dave Woods, Director of the Perinatal Education Programme in South Africa.