Comments — Newborn Care Videos

Thanks a lot for sharing your videos.  They are fabulous!!  You did a tremendous work. … I think the videos are extremely valuable and well done.
— Goldy Mazia, MD, MPH, Technical Advisor for Newborn Health, Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program (MCHIP)

Great job … I love the tight practical topics, microsystems organization, and clear pictures.  Your MSF experience gave you a good eye for what people need and what will work.  The ability to do the voice over in a local language is a plus.  Starting the IVs on infants had me on the edge of my seat and wanting to help.
— Bill Young, MD, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dartmouth Medical School

[The videos] are of excellent quality.  I liked the relaxed pace of narration and the matter of fact presentation.  They are also brief enough to hold your attention.  The repetition and check list summary is a very good teaching technique and promises good results. … Overall I was very impressed with this work and its potential usefulness.  I hope it gets the widest distribution it deserves!
— Thomas Kerenyi, MD, FACOG, Former Chief of Obstetrics, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York

Wow!  Simple messages, practical settings and good visual quality.  Very commendable. … Knowledge is Power.  This will go a long way to decrease the heavy child morbidity and mortality rates in my community.
— Dr Halima Abdu, Consultant Pediatrician with the Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital (DASH), Lafia, Nasarwa State Nigeria

What you are doing is astounding.  I truly think your work will have a profound impact on health care in the world. … I can’t wait for more videos. … I know you have an open-access license on your site … I would urge you to hold strong if at all possible; it is such an important move that is happening more and more worldwide, and I think you could be a leader in bringing very highly quality videos to this domain.
— David LaPierre, MSc, MD, Senior family medicine resident, Chatham site, University of Western Ontario founder and chief editor,

I must commend your efforts.  These are phenomenal in that the information given are simple to understand, easy to watch and yet accurate.  I see them being useful for front-line health care workers as training guides or refresher clips.  I hope also that with time, they can be used for medical students’ tutorials as well.
— Oluwatosin Ogunmoyero is a Nigerian trained medical doctor currently studying for a MSc in global health science at the University of Oxford, UK

The videos are a great resource and useful for midwives working in both private and public sectors to ensure babies problems are diagnosed, managed and referred appropriately to save lives. … This will go a long way in improving newborn care services and preventing newborn morbidity.
— Rosemary Kamunya, Nurse Midwife, Proprietor and Director, WAKA CMEC, Nyeri, Kenya

I believe [the videos] can be used for demonstrations for teaching on the job. … I am working at reducing maternal deaths and childhood deaths in my area of operation in Ghana that is why I believe this can be helpful for the staff working in the remote areas.
— Dr. Linda Vanotoo, Regional Director of Health Service, Ghana Health Service, Ghana

I just looked at some of the newborn care videos, and they are excellent.  They are perfect for our Nigeria project.  Very helpful. … We have more than 30 health workers, who are exactly on the frontline. Soon we will have 20-30 more.  They need exactly this kind of training videos.
— Dada Daneshananda, program coordinator, AMURT, Ekumenyi, Nigeria

Wow, these videos are amazing just the perfect method for educating the community as mine and many other communities in my country.  These videos can with no doubt help reduce the high infant mortality rates in my country.  Videos are the perfect method of communication for my community.
— Levi Chifwaila, Nurse Tutor at Kabwe School of Nursing, Zambia

Thank you so much for sharing links and beautiful work you have been doing through GHMP. … You are truly doing amazing work for years to be useful for lower to mid level health works many health centers throughout the world.
— Dr.Angel Magar, medical writer and medical IT expert, Kathmandu, Nepal

Great job, clear instructions and warnings, well illustrated … the videos you’ve produced are clearly “important additions to the video literature” and that’s what we’re looking for!!
— John McGill, MD, Director of Emergency Medicine, Orthopedic and Internal Medicine Education at the University of Minnesota

I think these will be a fantastic way to train local staff. … Know the hospital staff and midwives [in Somali Region] would be thrilled to receive them as they have nothing at all.
— Valerie Powell, Nurse Midwife, humanitarian aide worker, UK

The visuals are great, color is great, close-ups are great.  Patient – provider rapport is nice. … They are really quite good in terms of quality and content.  Very impressive.
—Karen Hays, DNP, CNM, ARNP, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Washington School of Nursing

Congratulations for the fine and clear videos.  This is a very exciting contribution to neonatal training programs in the developing world. … I appreciate the enormous efforts you and your coworkers have invested in the videos.
— Miki Karplus, Professor of Pediatrics at the Medical School for International Health, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel

These videos are amazing!  I am involved with a group of doctors and nurses who go to Haiti quarterly and teach and help in clinics.  We are doing just this kind of work and would love to pilot your program.
— Jill Ratner, MD, President, Hands up for Haiti

I am a nurse that works in a clinic, nutrition center, and cholera hospital in rural Haiti.  We’ve served 116,000+ pts since 1998.  We have around 100 people that work for us that are involved in patient care that could benefit from your valuable films.
— Lori Moise, RN, Real Hope For Haiti

I have seen the first 10 newborn care videos and I must tell you that it is an excellent piece of work.  I believe the clinical training videos will be able to achieve the purpose for which they are meant to serve.
— Nasir Muhammad Bashir MBBS, MPH, State Programme Officer, MCHIP, Jhpiego – an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University

I love your videos!  I have downloaded them and would love to use them for teaching our midwifery students in Belfast. … I think these are a very worthwhile tool to use in showing students how to carry out basic neonatal care.  Thank you for all the hard work you have put into developing them.
— Sharon Nurse, Senior Teaching Fellow, School of Nursing & Midwifery, Queens University, Belfast

Comments on: "Comments — Newborn Care Videos" (8)

  1. Dr Abu Zar Taizai said:

    This is an innovative and phenomenal effort to improve the health care delivery system world-wide. I am a national level trainer for the health deliverers and have found it the most effective tool to make the participants for the easy understanding. The animations and videos have a profound effect on the memory for retaining the course contents.

  2. The content and presentation are amazing. Do you know if they are being translated into Hatian Creole?

  3. The Work Done in new born care series Videos is wonderful, I am regularly using it in my trainings. Every one is appreciating it, specially the doctors and Nurses.

  4. Maravillosos. Despacio, claro, preciso…un millón de gracias.
    ¿¿no existen en francés para las zonas francófonas??

  5. Dr Nicolas Peyraud said:

    Excellent work. Really useful to train medical team, Nurses and Dr. The initiative to translate in different language is really appreciated. Thanks

  6. Dr Abu Zar Deputy District Health Officer & Coordinator District Health Information For District Nowshera , Province KPK Pakistan said:

    The New video of 8 dangerous signs is wonderful, I am a clinician as well as trainer so am getting dual benefits, on one side it improves my clinical understanding and on other side it gives new dimensions of training methodology.

  7. Lani Wittmann said:

    Any Arabic translation in the planning?
    I am a nursing lecturer at Sultan Qaboos University in Muscat Oman in the department of Maternal-Child Health. These videos are wonderful, especially the newly released one on Giving Good Care in Labour. I know you are currently targeting health care providers. Here in Oman we have a slightly different problem – while our health care providers all speak English, there is a total absence of any videos appropriate for using to help inform Arabic speaking Muslim women regarding childbirth. The ‘Western’ child birth education videos are not culturally appropriate. We need a video like yours, but in Arabic, that informs and empowers women to seek evidence-based care practices, but which at the same time is sensitive to the population by maintaining the modesty of women’s bodies during the filming (which can be done by careful draping and an occasional animation if needed).

  8. Ahmad Wali said:

    Thank you so much for such useful videos. These videos really help our health workers understand how to provide care and services to mother and newborn easily. they are also so useful to get our health worker change their inappropriate practices in to a better and standard practice. I have one suggestion:

    Is there possibility within this project to make or translate these videos in Dari language?

    Once again thank you very much for these videos . your efforts is much appreciated.

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