Basic Skills

This film covers the basic skills of taking a temperature, counting the breathing rate, and weighing a baby.

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Comments on: "Basic Skills" (4)

  1. Leona Cayzer said:

    Excellent video

    • Dr Abu Zar Taizai said:

      The Basic Skill Video is the only video among the series, which will not only benefit the health care givers & will up scale their know how regarding new born baby examination , but it is so simple that even a lay man having no or little professional Knowledge will also learn how to examine a new born baby for any abnormality. I am a clinician in Pakistan, a National level Lead trainer,and am coming across a number of such cases daily to satisfy the parents specially the parents having their first child to tell them whether the baby has any abnormality or not, of course after going through this video, I feel more confidence to satisfy their queries.It gives enough knowledge to pick any abnormality spontaneously.In the coming months I have a number of training proposals and am planning to display this video using multimedia. Initially I showed it to my few Doctor colleagues as piloting, they appreciated it and insisted me to do use. My audience are paediatric ward nurses and medical technicians in the first batch and in second batch I will train doctors working in Government hospitals and NGOs.

  2. Jeanne Madrid, CPM said:

    I am a midwife in the USA. This is not only a very educational video for care givers, but also for parents having new babies. Early referral for any abnormal finding taught in this video would lead to a better outcome for baby. I can’t tell you how many people nowadays do not know how to take a temperature with a thermometer. The illustration was quite easy to understand. Care givers and parents need to be confident when it comes to caring for a newborn.

  3. Bernolina L.Hedson said:

    Excellent video for the health providers and the community.

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