Newborn Care Video Downloads

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Medium size
45-105MB each
Small size
25-70MB each
Preparing Oral Medicines Download
Preparing Injectable Medicines Download
Danger Signs in Newborns Download
Warning Signs in Newborns Download
Sepsis Download Download
The Home Visit Download Download
Giving an Intradermal Injection Download Download
Jaundice Download Download
The Cold Baby Download Download
Thrush Download Download
Skin Infection Download Download
The Hot Baby Download Download
Breast Engorgement Download Download
Preparing the Birth Room Download Download
Basic Skills Download Download Download
Inserting a Gastric Tube Download Download Download
Feeding with a Gastric Tube Download Download Download
Inserting an IV Download Download Download
Setting Up an IV Line Download Download Download
Taking a Heel Blood Sample Download Download Download
Referring a Sick Baby Download Download Download
Newborn Physical Exam Download Download Download
Breathing Problems Download Download Download
Umbilical Infections Download Download Download

Comments on: "Newborn Care Video Downloads" (38)

  1. Boniface Banda said:

    This is a good dissemination for best practices in newborn care.


    This is a very good way of sharing the best practices that we are to follow when taking care of the newborn babies. Please keep it up.

  3. Very informative. The videos are well laid out and easy to follow. I am certain they will be of great use. Thank you for making these freely available!

  4. Takele Yeshiwas said:

    Interesting share, specially for people working in the area of MNCH,keep it up!

  5. Thanks for these videos, they’re really good :-)

    I had a go running them on my HTC Hero phone (I downloaded the mobile versions), but the playback was a little choppy – I think maybe some of the older Android phones aren’t great for video playback, maybe something to do with low processor/ram or slow reading from the SD card.

    However, I did manage to get them working well… using Handbrake ( I converted the videos to the ‘Android – mid’ preset, so the video size is smaller now (480×272, reduced from 1280×720) and the file size is smaller too by around 25%. Now they run smoothly.

    I posted up some of the converted videos here: in case anyone would like to use them, though I’ve only converted a few so far.

  6. Naveen Harrison Satle said:

    I have seen those innovative tools for new born care and I feel that it is so feasible for large country like India where we have limited public health resources and it would be so easy to health worker to learn about New Born Care through small videos.

    My Good Wishes to your Team,
    Warm Regards,

    • Cornelia wakhanu said:

      Thanks so much for sharing all these. They are important in our daily work. We will use and share them.

  7. Rajesh Mehta said:

    Excellent resource that can be used for training and education purposes!

  8. Sher Bahadur Rana said:

    Thank you very much for the wider dissemination of vidoes uploading in internet. I think it will help worldwide to learn to the health professionals who know English.

    • Deb Van Dyke said:

      Thanks Sher,

      The videos are voiced over to enable them to be narrated in other languages. We invite collaboration to do this.

  9. Leona Cayzer said:

    These are outstanding videos. They will be invaluable for teaching our staff. Thank you

  10. RAN VIJAY KUMAR from SAHYOGI said:

    These videos are informative and can be used for reinforcing the understanding of health workers by sharing with them. This needs translation in local language for better understanding.

  11. An Excellent free library to teach clinical skill for neonatal care

  12. glenda mncwabe said:

    Thanx for this site, its very educational, and the videos are helpful. Mothers understand better because they watching and can see what you are educating about.Thank you

  13. woldetensai said:

    Outstanding videos and useful for teaching our staff.

  14. nazar kandla said:

    thanks for this nice and informative videos

  15. Ben Yauwe said:

    thanks for the videos. they are really informative as they are real situations. It will help us to also teach our students.

  16. Thanks for sharing this resource.

  17. Nicolas Peyraud said:

    Thanks very much for this great job. We will use them in our organisation working in all the continent. We would like to see if after finishing such video, if you would like to do similar ones for higher facilities-based settings where we could for example check and treat hypoglycemiam use buble CPAP, treat VLBW babies with IV fluid, treat babies NEC, etc as this is exactly what we are doing in the fields. Already congratulation for this great idea and work done !

  18. I really appreciated the efforts in disseminating the videos for child survival. Personally speaking these videos will help me in providing in depth practical knowledge to the health functionaries involved in neonatal and child care. Thank you very much.

  19. Aniku Robert said:

    Thank you very much for this handy videos with their scripts as well. I’m very pleased that this is free. I’ll be using these videos in the next trainings I shall be conducting in a few days. Thank you very much once again for saving me the burden of looking for ways of demonstrations.

  20. Thank you very much for sharing this useful videos!

  21. Abraham kowo said:

    Thank you very much.

  22. mbaruku Kaswiza said:

    Mbaruku Kaswiza

    Great, thanks and appreciation for the remarkable work in saving the life of Child and mother,where this problem is huge in Africa,we will use the Video for capacity building for the community health workers and TBAs where are the only ones in many Africans society can help to save the life of a child and mother.

  23. Yetunde Odutolu said:

    I am really please I found this. Currently volunteering as a paediatrician in east africa. This is great. Thanks

  24. bukola folorunso said:

    wonderful video….informative and easy to grasp. thumbs up!

  25. Christine K.Nalwadda said:

    Thank you so much for these resourceful videos. I have watched the newborn danger and warning signs videos. In both, preterm and low birth weight are not mentioned. Some resources include them on the list of danger signs. Preterm and low birth weight complications are one of the three main causes of newborn deaths. Secondly, do you have videos on newborn resuscitation for health workers. This is critical skill for saving newborns with asphyxia, another main cause of newborn deaths. Thank you for making these videos freely available.

    • Deb Van Dyke said:

      Hi Christine,

      Thanks for your comment. I also wondered about including preterm babies in the danger signs and asked a neonatalogist at WHO and Gary Darmstadt, prominent newborn specialist. They both advised not to include it as a danger sign; rather the small baby can have a danger sign and then needs referral/special care. So I went with that advice. There are a lot of danger signs and I had to choose and get advice. I didn’t want to include so many health workers would forget them. Jaundice isn’t always considered a danger sign either.

      We would love to do a resus video — would take some time staked out in a busy maternity and the all elusive funding. but it is on “the list”

      I really appreciate your comment and interest.

      all the best,


  26. uduak friday said:

    This work is so interesting well done and keep it up.

  27. Christine K.Nalwadda said:

    Dear Deb,
    Thank you so much for the response and clarification. Again thank you for the videos, they are very educative.


  28. alhassan aliyu gamagira said:

    The videos are very good for any practicing health care service provider.

  29. Marla Bvumbwe said:

    Good material for the student midwives

  30. Niloofar said:

    I’d like to thank for these great videos.
    I am a Midwifery lecturer and use them frequently for my Students and Midwives in clinics.

  31. felix karangwa said:

    i appreciate for this site, it’s helpful for care providers and it will help me more in my practice particularly thx alot

  32. Philomina Mireku said:

    Good material for the practicing midwife

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