Many people—in addition to those in the film credits—generously contributed their time and expertise to make this project possible. Several experts made sure that the technical information on cholera was accurate and up-to-date. Many others offered their language skills for translation and narration so that the film could be accessible to populations wherever cholera may be a threat. Following is a partial list of individuals who we would like to thank for their significant contributions to this project. We would also like to extend our thanks to all those who reviewed the film at various stages of production and provided valuable feedback.

Content Experts and Reviewers

Bruno Keene, Cameroon
Iskandarov’s, Tajikistan/USA
Michael McDonald, MPHISE Haiti/USA
Wadson Michel, Haiti/USA
Nepali Refugee Community of Burlington, Vermont, USA
Laurent Nicole, WASH Cluster, Haiti
Mercedes Saravia, Peru
Dumas Siméus, Sové Lavi, Haiti/USA
Kimberly Siméus, Sové Lavi, Haiti/USA
Lisa Van Dyke, USA


Carle Pedre, Haiti
Abdel Rassi, Cuba


Eran Spira, Israel


Adedamola, Yoruba, Translators Without Borders (TWB)
Esbed Cavazos, Spanish, TWB
Subhankar Chakrabarty, Bengali, TWB
Marleen Julien, Haitian Creole
Juan Llado, Spanish
Pete Mhunzi, Swahili, TWB
Marie José Pérodin, Haitian Creole
Joanne Pérodin, Haitian Creole
Ali Ramezani, Farsi, TWB
Sandrine Robin, French
Jacek Sierakowski, French, TWB
Shakuntla Talwar, Hindi, TWB
Matheus Favaretto Tazinafo, Portuguese, TWB


Chris Curl, USA