The Story of Cholera, English

The Story of Cholera was produced in collaboration with award-winning animator Yoni Goodman.

This animation covers cholera transmission, prevention, signs, and care in a simple and accessible way. The film follows evidence-based guidelines, has been field-tested, and reviewed for accuracy and content.

Your feedback is important to us!  If you have any comments or stories on how you used The Story of Cholera or the flashcards, we would love to hear from you.

Comments on: "The Story of Cholera, English" (35)

  1. I like this vivid cholera animation. It is simple to understand by the lay person. Am wondering if I can share to the people of Ghana.

  2. Deb Van Dyke said:

    Hi Rebecca,

    We would be delighted if you could share the film with the people in Ghana. We intend The Story of Cholera be used all over the world to help people understand how cholera is spread and how to protect themselves. We have a Creative Commons license which allows free distribution for non commercial use.

    It would be helpful to hear back from you how it’s being used in Ghana.

    Thanks so much!

  3. You are doing a good job. Thanks for it.
    It will help many persons in poor countries.


  4. Katherine Herz said:

    Do you need a smartphone to view this fabulous film? Is there any way to trasmit the file over a regular cell phone?

  5. Lucy M. G. said:

    This animation is self explanatory.
    I wish many people especially in Kenya would have an access at least to see it.
    Continue the good work.

    Lucy Mwihaki Goro

  6. Laurel Cardellichio said:

    I am a public high school teacher of Advanced Placement Environmental Science and I showed this video to my 11th and 12th grade students during our water use and management unit. The students were riveted by this piece. As a teacher of a global issues course, I have found it very challenging to help students truly understand the realities faced by people in developing countries. This video is an excellent way to raise awareness!

  7. is there a version en español?

    great work, congratulations!

    Diego E Zavala
    Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences

  8. Vivid animation teaching and reaching the world with a great prevention and community health story.

  9. can we televise it here in Cayes

  10. Aggeliki B. said:

    This video is an excellent idea!!! It is vivid and substantial! Very good job! It will definitely raise the awarness of public and help people to protect themselves from cholera!! I’ll do my best to propagate it through my classmates here in Greece. Well done!

  11. [...] other diseases, since these prevention methods are not all disease-specific). Check out the video here, and read more about the idea behind the video [...]

  12. brilliant but at the same time very simple to understand .. great work …

  13. its awesome it should be shown in schools to increase awareness among the upcomings

  14. anulika igboaka said:

    awesome video – really simple, yet has all the main crucial info needed to keep safer, and easy to remember as its based on story – would appeal to anyone of all ages too, so well done!

  15. MALEEHA JAWAID said:

    Hi, I am Maleeha Jawaid from Karachi, Pakistan. I really like your video , very simple and self explanatory.

    I work for this small organization that us students have formed and this video (translated in our language – urdu or pashto) would be great to show students in low income areas where majority of the cases are related to cholera. The mothers can also be shown this video so they know how to take care of their household members.

    Would love to know if i can use this video and translate it into whatever language is needed.

    Thank you!


    Maleeha Jawaid

    • Deb Van Dyke said:

      Maleeha,Yes, you can use the video and collaborate on the translation/narration. Thanks.

  16. [...] This is a very well made video about Cholera. They are hoping to get this in Kreyol to share with people in Haiti. [...]

  17. Charles Vidich said:

    Excellent video. Can I link to the video for a blog site I have on quarantine principles?

  18. F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C……congraulation really deserve a big prize

  19. Fustin EKAH said:

    good video!! How can i support to facilitate the translation in French? so tu use it here in Cameroon?

  20. What a great story behind a story. Thanks for simplifying issues to such levels. This can even be shared, viewed and understood in primary schools

  21. What a fabulous video. I am only disappointed I cannot use it on my current project as it is a product we are selling to Zambian schools. I will find a way of getting as many of my friends who work in the government system to show this video in schools all over Zambia. It is simple and effective and will definitely get the message across. Well done.

  22. Michael Ngond said:

    Very Creative and innovative way of getting the message to the illiterate populations. I come from a oral and pictorial learning tradition in Papua New Guinea (Pacific). This animations message will be the most powerful tool to get the message across to illiterate populations in my country. I want a copy of this. I want to show this to the community. I work as an Emergency Coordinator with CARE International in Papua New Guinea

  23. Kim Sanders-Fisher said:

    I saw this a few nights ago at the RSM and I was really impressed. Those worried about a translation should bear in mind that the entire message can be well understood without any sound track at all. Excellent animation and so graphic Even in countries not blighted with the threat of Cholera this is well worth sharing in the classroom, not just to teach children about the harsh realities faced in many developing countries, but also to help instil the importance of good hand washing and caution against the threat posed by filth flies.

  24. shirish balachandra said:

    This is really fantastic. As a health coordinator with UNHCR in Rwanda, I would like to find a way to share it in the refugee camp setting.

  25. Laurence Shakya said:

    I’ve just watched this video, it is a very creative and inovative way to raise awareness on water born diseases, e.g cholera and teach most important messages. I believe that it will catch the attention of all viewers!

    I intend to show this video here in Nepal that has witnessed a major outbreak of the disease in 2009. That year cholera killed 282 people, it took huge efforts to treat 50 000 villagers and even more to spread messages on prevention and care. Although much has been achieved to prevent another outbreak of the disease,today, cholera remains a major threat in many rural parts of Nepal.
    Many thanks to Global Health Media Project to make this fantastic video available for use to us all.

  26. I’ve been recommended to watch this video from a colleague. The video is great and I believe it provides good education for anyone who watch it.

    I’m currently working as a health program planner in a corporate social responsibility division at a corporate in Indonesia. I’ve been thinking to use the video for training to our health volunteers who work in rural area.
    Although the animation already provide great visualization but I think with the Indonesian voice over will be more helpful for them.

    It is said in the previous comment that we can contribute in the translation and narration. I wonder how it can work, so I can use the video in Indonesia.

    Looking forward to have your comments and reply. Thank you very much.

  27. Obiageli Emelumadu said:

    Exactly the thing I need to give health talks to the rural PHC attendees as well as urban slum dwellers in my place of work.
    Can i use it freely for the purpose explained.
    Oby Emelumadu
    Dept of Community Medicine
    Nnamdi Azikiwe University/ Teaching Hospital
    Anambra State

    • Deb Van Dyke said:

      yes Oby — you can use it freely. Would it be useful to have the video narrated in Yoruba? We have the script translated already. Let us know if you are interested in collaborating on the narration.

  28. Dr. C. Nagaraj said:

    An excellent video. It is good to send to friends and spread the knowledge.

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