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Vermont newspapers feature The Story of Cholera

Vermont media outlets are picking up the compelling work that is being accomplished by our Vermont-based non-profit. The successful completion of our animated film on cholera is garnering attention for both the disease itself and the tools that the Global Health Media Project is working on to combat its spread.


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The Story of Cholera attracts interest from animators/artists

The Story of Cholera was recently featured on the website of Cartoon Brew, which provides the latest animation news and trends for artists, entertainment executives, and cartoon aficionados.

Our original idea for the film was that cholera transmission and prevention could be best understood by making the invisible cholera germs visible, and that animation was the vehicle to do that. We were impressed with Yoni Goodman’s extraordinary talent as an animator, and delighted when he agreed to collaborate with us to make this happen. Yoni designed the characters and over 80 different backgrounds to bring the story to life in a persuasive and memorable way.

Some of the comments on the Cartoon Brew site follow:

I remember an article about this subject, how to get villagers to change their hygiene to prevent disease. The most effective method was to visually represent the germs with an odd color, such as the yellow blobs in this video. The villagers were very grossed out when they could visualize the germs in this way, and they started washing their hands! Much more effective than just saying “wash your hands so you don’t get sick.”

This is really a wonderful piece of animation. It’s gross and that’s amusing, but it takes a lot of skill to create a compelling 4 minute piece that provides information clearly and concisely, with characters that are relatable.

The Story of Cholera has also been posted on Yoni’s Dailymation site and the comments show the appreciation for both the animation work and the effectiveness of the teaching points.

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