Maasai subtitling for The Story of Cholera

“There is one moment I will never forget, which took place during the last day of our teaching in the Maasai village of Olosh Oibur. One of our students said a very long prayer, quite an insistent prayer actually. Later when I asked her what she had prayed for, she said to me, ‘I prayed that our internet connection would continue so we could finish subtitling the film.’” (from Translators Without Borders)

The Story of Cholera is now being subtitled in multiple languages, a project being facilitated by HealthPhone. The film can be watched on dotSUB with subtitles now available in Dutch, German, Maa, Portuguese, Sheng, and Swahili. The Maa and Sheng versions are believed to be the first time that a film has ever been subtitled in these languages. Scenes from this work can be seen in a short video about Translators Without Borders in the following Voice of America article: Translators Bridge Communication in Kenya Healthcare.