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MSF/Doctors Without Borders uses The Story of Cholera in Sierra Leone

a28-msfproject“The task of fast and effective education in communities of varied levels of understanding is huge when dealing with a health emergency such as cholera,” said Lucy O’Connell, MSF Health Promoter in Sierra Leone. “It was great to be able to have access to your ‘Cholera Story’ video. I was impressed with the well thought out script and the simple capturing nature of the images; the background music was superb too, children would often start dancing to it at the end of the show!

The movie was shown at sundown, next to the MSF Cholera Treatment Centers on white walls or made up screens, using electricity or generator and loudspeakers.” The Story of Cholera—now available in five African languages common in the Sierra Leone/Guinea region (Krio, Guerzé, Malinké, Poular, and Soussou)—has played a key educational role in combating the spread of cholera in West Africa. It is also being used by UNICEF, the Red Cross, and other international organizations.

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Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant

Deb Van Dyke, founder and director of the Global Health Media Project, has been awarded a Flash Grant from South African-based Shuttleworth Foundation. The awards are given to someone considered to be an “impressive change agent.” The Shuttleworth Foundation uses an innovative social investment model to support social innovators and dynamic leaders who are helping to change the world.

Deb will use the $5,000 grant to help fund the completion of the second round of newborn care videos being produced by the Global Health Media Project.

In the first half of September, our film team visited Nagpur, India—where they collaborated with the Lata Medical Research Foundation—to shoot footage on the best-practice care of newborns. The videos are now in post-production and the completed set will be added to the ten newborn care videos already available on our website and formatted for download to mobile devices.  When finished, the newborn care series will comprise 35+ videos and will be offered in several different languages.

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