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Newborn care videos included in WHO on-line video library

a24-stethThe World Health Organization (WHO) has included our newborn care videos in their Reproductive Health Library (RHL). RHL is an electronic library that features both articles and videos. The content provides practical information for health care workers that will lead to better health outcomes, particularly in developing countries. With the addition of our first 10 videos on newborn care, RHL now has 23 videos to help train clinicians. Spanish versions of our newborn care videos—recently added to our website—will soon be available on the WHO Spanish RHL.

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Global Health Media Project invited to Health Summit at UN

a25-gethealthDeb Van Dyke spoke at the GETHealth Summit held at the United Nations in New York City on February 7th. She presented our work developing visual training tools for frontline health workers that can be accessed on mobile devices. The Summit brought together health, education, and IT leaders from around the globe to discuss how advances in technology can be leveraged in training health providers in developing countries. The meeting is expected to lead to new partnerships to accelerate improved health care delivery in resource-limited communities around the world. (Watch newscast.)

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Field-testing next set of newborn care videos

a26-nagpurOur next set of videos on the best-practice care of newborns are now being field-tested by frontline health workers around the world. The videos are based on footage shot in Nagpur, India last fall, where we collaborated with Dr. Archana Patel and the Lata Medical Research Foundation. Our film team worked closely with several pediatricians—coaching them in their new roles as health worker actors/actresses. We produced several videos from the shoot, and developed several additional films in combination with footage from Nigeria, Dominican Republic, and Nepal. The videos will be finalized after we gather feedback from field-testers and our panel of global content experts. (Photo: 2012, Amita Sreenivas)

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