The Story of Cholera used to help Syrian refugees in Lebanon

a10-refugeesThe conflict raging in Syria since early 2011 has pushed nearly 900,000 Syrians to seek refuge in Lebanon. Informal Settlements, usually improvised and overcrowded, have been laid out on an ad hoc basis and lack basic water and sanitation facilities. Despite the strong involvement of INGOs in the upgrade of living conditions in these settlements, the hygienic environment and practices remain inadequate and present risks of waterborne diseases outbreak.

The Story of Cholera is seen as a great tool to promote basic hygiene practices and has been narrated in Arabic to be shown in these Settlements. It is seen as both a prevention measure against potential cholera outbreak and/or other type of diarrheal diseases. Tested on site it has received a great welcome from the refugee community and is expected to have a major impact in the hygiene promotion response.

Story submitted by:  Solidarités InternationalLebanon Mission