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GHMP supports “Every Newborn Action Plan”

a4-breathingOn June 30th, over 800 global health professionals gathered in Johannesburg to launch the Every Newborn Action Plan. Led by WHO and UNICEF, this initiative strives to reduce newborn mortality and end preventable deaths by bringing “together everyone who has a part to play” in addressing this crisis.

Global Health Media Project is proud to support and play a role in this initiative. We are deeply committed to producing videos on newborn and maternal care so that frontline health workers have basic health care information known to save lives. Our teaching videos are used in virtually every country in the world, have been watched online more than 420,000 times, and downloaded 20,000 times by trainers worldwide.

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Red Cross using The Story of Cholera for hygiene promotion in Maasai community

The Cholera1_maasai_238Red Cross in Tanzania has been working to improve hygiene and sanitation practices among the Maasai community. According to Nathan Vincent of the Red Cross, communities in the interior of the country often have little understanding of the causes of diarrheal diseases. In order to educate the population, they have organized sub-village meetings in which they showed The Story of Cholera (Swahili version) and provided additional information on better hygiene practices. The campaign also included door-to-door visits by local hygiene promoters that used posters and other educational materials.

Nathan Cholera2_maasai_290said, “The community really understood the key messages and were overwhelmed by the video and some of CLTS

[community-led total sanitation] techniques used.” He went on the explain however, that open defecation is a challenging problem in the Simanjiro District (northern Tanzania) because it is a semi-arid area and the Maasai have a nomadic lifestyle, particularly during the drier seasons of the year. “Despite these challenges we are seeing some differences and the outlook is good.”

Source:  Information and photos provided by Nathan Vincent, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Unit, Tanzania Red Cross.

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Nepali versions of newborn care

a5-mom-nepalOur first 10 videos on newborn care are now available in Nepali. We’d like to thank Dick Katzman, MD, family physician in central Vermont for providing the funding for these narrations. Dick has deep ties to Nepal—he is a board member of America Nepal Medical Foundation and has, for many years, volunteered to provide training and medical care in remote regions of Nepal.

Save the Children-Nepal has agreed to fund the Nepali narration of our next 20 videos on newborn care and childbirth. Our filmmaker Bishnu Kalpit and his team in Kathmandu are handling the translation and voice-over for all 30 videos.  We are very grateful for this language support which will help to facilitate the use of these videos among health workers in Nepal. (Photo: Todd Shapera, 2000, Photoshare)

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