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GHMP at Global mHealth Forum

global320Peter Cardellichio participated in a panel on design considerations for reaching scale at the Global mHealth Forum in Washington DC (December 10-11). His talk covered GHMP’s strategy for designing and developing videos for a global audience at minimal cost. Key elements that give our teaching videos broad appeal are: highly visual topics, simple step-by-step instruction, live action in authentic clinic settings, and high-quality production values. Our global reach is made possible by leveraging the power of the existing and improving information and communication infrastructure to deliver videos to frontline providers.

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GHMP presents at GetHealth

Peter Cardellichio presented our strategy for producing videos for worldwide use at the GetHealth Summit. The conference—held in November in Dublin—focused on innovations that use the power of digital media and mobile technology to help meet the needs of frontline health workers in developing countries, a theme closely matching that of Global Health Media Project. Participants came from many countries, representing government, NGOs, universities, and the digital and IT sectors.

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