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Three more videos complete our normal childbirth series

thebirth2_200Our videos on childbirth showcase a midwifery approach to care with a birth attendant working solo, the norm in small facilities in much of the developing world. Three new videos cover the birth and early postpartum period. Birthing the Baby shows how to assist a mother to safely birth her baby and minimize tearing of the vagina. Managing the Third Stage of Labor shows how to use medicine to prevent postpartum hemorrhage and how to deliver the placenta. Our final video—The Birth: Labor, Delivery, and Early Postpartum—shows best practices for the full birth sequence, starting with labor through to immediate postpartum.

The videos are available in English, French, and Spanish, and may be downloaded free-of-charge from our video library.

March 25th, 2015||0 Comments

Two childbirth videos support women in labor

secondstage_200Two new childbirth videos are now available. Managing the Second Stage of Labor shows how to support a woman during the pushing stage of labor and what to do if progress is slow. If a vaginal exam is needed to check that labor is progressing normally, The Vaginal Exam in Labor shows the steps in doing the exam, key information to gather, and emphasizes important issues such as obtaining the woman’s consent and working in a gentle and sensitive manner.

The videos—intended for frontline health workers in the developing world—are available in English, French, and Spanish. They may be downloaded free-of-charge from our video library.

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