More Videos for World Breastfeeding Week

m-attach_new_200Every day of World Breastfeeding Week we have released a new video in our Breastfeeding Series. Watch for more videos for breastfeeding mothers as the rollout continues for the rest of this week.

In the meantime, organizations around the world are using this week as an opportunity to weigh in on the importance of breastfeeding. For example, yesterday the United Nations called for stronger policies for mothers in the workplace who need to breastfeed. Their news release notes that in spite of the many proven benefits of breastfeeding, only 38 percent of infants around the world today are breastfed exclusively for the recommended first six months of life. The article quotes from a joint statement made by the heads of UNICEF and WHO: “We know that breastfeeding helps children to survive and thrive – enabling infants to withstand infections, providing critical nutrients for the early development of their brains and bodies, and strengthening the bond between mothers and their babies.”