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Caring for a Small Baby at Home

Caring for a small baby at home begins with safely discharging the baby and preparing the family for her care. Once at home, there are five important ways to provide good care for the baby:  feed well, provide warmth, protect from sickness, show love, and be on the lookout for warning signs. Regular visits from a health worker can help identify problems early and provide important support for the mother and family. Our three newest videos—Discharging the Small Baby, Caring for the Small Baby at Home, and Home Visit to a Small Baby—address these important topics.

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Skin-to-Skin Care: A Life-saving Practice for Small Babies

Our newest teaching films bring to life the life-saving practice of continuous skin-to-skin care—a key element of Kangaroo care—to support its widespread implementation as a standard of care for small babies and newborns.

Continuous Skin-to-Skin Care shows how to position the baby, secure her safely in a wrap, and care for her needs while in continuous skin-to-skin contact. This video is adapted for mothers and caregivers in Carrying Your Baby Skin-to-Skin. Examples of several wraps used around the world are demonstrated in Wrap Designs for Skin-to-Skin Care.

Last week we published three important films on keeping small babies warm, protecting them from infection, and establishing and maintaining a good milk supply to meet their needs.  All of our films on the care of small babies can be accessed at this LINK.

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