GHMP helps launch video education at Ethiopian Hospital

Patients often have long waiting times at the busy Moyale Hospital in Ethiopia, but administrators there have put the time to good use by showing educational videos on TV in the waiting area.

To initiate this stimulating and innovative approach to health education, GHMP worked with Moyale to narrate The Story of Cholera in Oromiffa—the first animated heath education video available in the language of the local people. “What once was a dull and at times tension-filled wait for the doctor has been transformed into an entertaining and enlightening experience,” said Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) at Moyale Hospital. “The response we got the first day the video aired was very positive.”

Since then, many more videos, on topics ranging from family planning to hypertension, diabetes, and labor and delivery, have been translated for viewing on the waiting-room TV. Arero Biqicha, Moyale Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, said the videos are part of their plans to use innovation and technology to deliver quality health care. “This is something we are very proud of,” he said. “No other hospital in the country has a similar project.”

The Story of Cholera is GHMP’s award-winning animation that helps individuals, families and communities understand how cholera is spread and the steps they can take to prevent it. It is also widely used to teach sanitation and hygiene practices. The film has been narrated in 35 languages and viewed in more than 230 countries around the world. The Oromiffa version was translated and recorded by Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim and Mohammed Dida (Environmental Health Officer).