New videos on feeding young children

In almost half of all children’s deaths worldwide, poor nutrition is a contributing factor. Most of the world’s children between the ages of six months and two years do not have a diet that meets even minimum standards. To help address this problem, we have collaborated with UNICEF to produce 17 teaching films on best feeding practices for children in this age group.

The Nutrition Series: First Foods for Young Children provides key messages on when, what, and how to feed children aged 6–23 months. The videos were filmed in over 60 homes in Nigeria, Kenya, and Nepal. The blending of footage from these diverse settings should make the videos useful teaching tools in low-resource areas around the world. Eight videos are designed for mothers and caregivers to help them better understand complementary feeding practices, while nine health worker videos are designed to help them support and counsel mothers and caregivers in these practices.

You can watch the videos on our website at this link, and learn more about the purpose and content of the videos in the nutrition section of the UNICEF website.