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An inspiring story for World Prematurity Day (November 17)

Recognizing that mothers of small premature babies could play a vital role in their baby’s survival, Samuel Byiringiro (a nurse in Rwanda) narrated several of our small baby videos in Kinyarwanda to show them to mothers in waiting rooms and neonatal units. Thanks to Sam’s initiative, the videos are now available to teach mothers at hospitals all over Rwanda.

Our Small Baby Video Series provides essential visuals that teach health workers and caregivers how to care for these vulnerable babies. Simple interventions can be lifesaving in any setting: keeping babies warm with skin-to-skin care, feeding mother’s milk by cup and breast, infection prevention, and knowing danger signs.

Over 20,000 copies of the small baby videos have been downloaded from our website. The two most popular videos are Cup Feeding and Expressing the First Milk.

When first released in early 2017, the videos were produced in English, French, and Spanish. Some of the videos have since been narrated in Arabic, Kinyarwanda (Rwanda), Burmese (Myanmar), Bangla (Bangladesh), and Luo (Kenya). Initiatives are now underway to narrate the videos for Nepal, Tanzania, Pakistan, and Ghana.

The Small Baby Video Series was developed in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to complement the Essential Care for Small Babies (ECSB) curriculum, which is based on the latest WHO guidelines.

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The Story of Cholera combats Somalia epidemic

Our award-winning public health animation, The Story of Cholera, is being broadcast on national television to help combat the cholera epidemic in Somalia. The World Health Organization (WHO) is also showing the video in selected “hot spots” to educate the population alongside its cholera vaccination campaign.

Public health authorities around the world have used The Story of Cholera in their efforts to stem outbreaks of this dreaded disease, as well as for community education on sanitation and hygiene. So far in 2018, the video has been narrated in Shona (Zimbabwe), Chichewa (Malawi), Rohingya (refugees from Myanmar in Bangladesh), Malagasy (Madagascar), Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinea), Tsotsil (Mexico), and Vietnamese.

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