survive-and-thrive-RezisedThe Alliance’s goal is to improve the quality of services available in health facilities for maternal, newborn, and child care by increasing the utilization and impact of high-quality, high-impact interventions. Our videos provide innovative educational materials that can help do just that.

WHO-RezisedWithin the UN, WHO provides leadership on global health matters. Our videos are included in the “Newborn Health” section of their Reproductive Health Library.

unicef-RezisedThe United Nations Children’s Fund “helps build a world where the rights of every child are realized.” UNICEF has narrated our animation on cholera for use in programs they support in Somalia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.

Translators-Without-Borders-RezisedTWB provides free translations to support humanitarian work around the world. They have been a key partner in translating our videos into French, Spanish, Swahili, and numerous African languages.

HealthPhone-RezisedHealthPhone distributes preloaded health education videos on low-cost mobile phones. Use of a memory card means no signal is required, and no cost to connect or download videos.

A global campaign—over 10,000 members—that hosts two email discussion forums (HIFA and CHIFA) and is building a knowledge base of information needs. We use this network to share information about our work and our videos.

HNHNN-RezisedN—an initiative of Save the Children’s Saving Newborn Lives Program—is an online community addressing critical gaps in newborn health by providing information and a forum for discussing a wide range of newborn and maternal health topics.

MUSAID-&-MCHIP-RezisedCHIP focuses on reducing maternal, neonatal, and newborn mortality and is working to accelerate progress on the MDGs 4 and 5. They provided partial support for our work in filming newborn care practices and skills in Nigeria.

Jhpiego-RezisedJhpiego—affiliated with Johns Hopkins University—works to improve the health and prevent needless deaths of women and their families in developing countries. Jhpiego-Nigeria collaborated with us in filming newborn care videos in Kano.

Dotsub-RezisedDotsub is the leading source for video translation and captions which allows us to make our videos accessible in many languages.

USAID-ASSIST-RezisedThis portal,, managed by the ASSIST Project (USAID-ASSIST Project), facilitates access to Spanish-language technical and scientific updates on Maternal and Child Health (MCH) to improve the quality of maternal and child care across Latin America.