Based on the passive distribution of a single breastfeeding video* we estimate that our global distribution strategy can reach at least 100,000 health workers in our first year.

Busy birthing facilities in poor counties have upwards of 30 births a day. The multiplier effect of worldwide dissemination of the Newborn Care series is staggering.

If one video reaches 100,000 providers whose improved knowledge helps just 10 patients, one million will benefit.

The potential rewards of this project will be quickly realized and far-reaching, and the costs are minimal.

Envision one brief video of a lifesaving technique for premature babies, “kangaroo mother care” that clearly demonstrates the why and how of placing a tiny newborn between the mother’s breasts in the first vulnerable days of life: maintaining warmth, bonding, and ensuring exclusive breastfeeding.

Save the Children (2010) estimates that this technique can halve the deaths of babies born too early (premature birth is a major factor in newborn deaths). Viewed and universally adopted as a standard of care by mothers and providers throughout the developing world, this intervention alone has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of newborns.

* Personal communication from producer Randa Wilkinson, Early Initiation of Breastfeeding: Indonesia,  Manoff Group, 2007