Announcing our new app: Birth & Beyond

We have released a new smartphone app, Birth & Beyond, to provide mothers and caregivers with easy access to our videos. The app helps support those with limited access to health care, an increasing problem worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Birth & Beyond includes all 28 videos that we have developed for mothers and caregivers on care from the time of birth through the baby’s first two years. Major topics covered are birth, breastfeeding, newborn care, small baby care, and complementary feeding.

The videos are available in 21 languages and can be streamed, downloaded to an offline library, or shared with friends and family. In an effort to expand our global reach, the app will continue to be updated with new videos and more languages.

Birth & Beyond works with iPhones and is available for free from Apple’s App Store. An Android version of the app is coming soon.

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