Family Planning Videos Now Available

Our first set of videos in our family planning series have been released – 13 films on long-acting reversible contraceptive methods, specifically the copper IUD and the implant.

The set includes five videos for health workers, two films for women and their partners, and five brief teaching shorts that show and tell the step-by-step information demonstrated in the skills videos.

We will be gradually rolling out the entire series of more than 60 videos in the coming weeks and months.

We collaborated with Ipas and RHU in Uganda to secure clinical sites. The films were shot in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Uganda just pre-Covid, arriving home in early March 2020.

We are grateful to colleagues from Ipas, UNFPA, WHO, ICM, and Laerdal Global Health for their content expertise throughout this project.

These videos are available in English now, with French and Spanish available soon. Please go to this link to watch or download the videos.

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