Family Planning Videos used as global training resource

Our family planning videos are now included in the updated Training Resource Package (TRP) for Family Planning. The TRP, highly respected and used worldwide, will be an important distribution channel for our family planning series.

The TRP website ensures that standardized global training content for family planning is available and aligned with the most up-to-date evidence-based information from WHO. The site was developed by a consortium of organizations led by USAID, WHO, and UNFPA. It contains 15 modules on contraceptive methods, with most including our videos. (The training module on contraceptive implants is one example, available at this link.)

Each training module supports health care workers in developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to better serve their clients. Global Health Media videos have the same goals and will help bring the teaching material alive with short, engaging, live-action content.

We have 40 family planning videos for health care providers, available on our website in English, French, and Spanish. These videos are also available on our app—Practice Family Planning— which is in both the Google Play store and iPhone App store.

We also have a complementary set of family planning videos for women and their partners. These videos are on our website in four languages and on the Learn Family Planning app.

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