Partnerships are integral to our success.  We have developed a broad network of partners all over the world who enable us to do our work well and do it cost-effectively. We invite you to work with us to accelerate the development of videos that teach health workers how to provide better care for their communities and save more lives.

Share our videos, share our story

Sharing our videos is one of the most effective ways to get them into the hands of health workers worldwide. Whether it is connecting with NGO’s, Ministries of Health, or teaching institutions to utilize the videos, we are committed to the widespread deployment of these important life-saving tools. Shared videos are often “re-shared,” which makes this a powerful way to increase our distribution and impact, and helps plant the seeds of health care best practices throughout the world.

Help us increase our reach by sharing our links with your colleagues and following us on our social media channels Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Another way to help extend our reach is by sharing our story with potential friends and supporters. When they understand our mission and goals, there’s a good chance they will pass the word to others who have a need for our films. Together, we can accomplish so much more.


How do our videos help you?

Stories are important and inspiring. And your story can inspire many others. How did you use our videos? How are they making a difference? Tell us about the people whose lives are changed by the work we do together. Please consider sharing your stories and pictures from the field. See Stories from the Field.

We are also looking for partners who would like to help evaluate the learning effectiveness of our videos. This may involve simple pre- and post-tests on knowledge acquisition, or could include more involved surveys that look at changes in practice and knowledge retention over time.


Narrate our videos in your language

Getting the videos narrated and translated into many languages is critical in giving health workers worldwide access to information on health care best practices. We partner with Translators Without Borders for translation in major languages. We also rely on partners to translate and narrate our videos in their local languages. Narrations are produced at their home location and, once finished, we work together to add the voice-over to our films. Learn more about the process here, and please contact us if you’d like to proceed with your own language.


Become one of our field-test sites

We field-test our videos among frontline health workers at clinical sites all over the world. This provides valuable feedback on whether we have created a video that health workers can learn from efficiently. It’s integral to our process of ensuring our videos are relevant, reliable, and user-friendly.  Suggested questions for our field-testers can be reviewed here; please contact us if you’d like to join in this work.


Spearhead a video project

If you think that videos could add value to your training programs, we can work with you to develop them. We are especially interested in combining our unique expertise to help meet the needs of organizations on the ground. Video shines brightest when covering topics that can be explained more effectively through images than with words. To produce videos cost-effectively, we produce them in a series and choose health care topics with widespread interest (the more who learn, the lower the cost per patient). Using our distribution model, videos will both help your programs and serve the needs of health workers worldwide. Contact us to explore your ideas.


Host our film team in your location

Our videos are filmed at clinical sites in low-resource settings around the world. Filming at your facility will showcase the quality of the care you provide. The videos would feature your setting, your health workers, and be used by your staff—as well as shared by organizations and health workers throughout the world. We need a few skilled and caring health workers who are comfortable in front of a camera, strong buy-in from administrators, and a commitment to the goals of the project.  Contact us; we’ll be happy to discuss the process.


Become a financial supporter

Filming, traveling, narrating, editing—it all adds up.  We work with great people, many of whom try their hardest to support our efforts through reduced costs for their services.  But high-quality video production is expensive and time consuming.  As we strive to grow to meet the health care needs of people around the world, we also need your financial support.  All donations are appreciated; if you are interested in underwriting a specific video series or project, please contact us.


Work with us

Volunteers have helped with social media outreach, script and website translation, video narration, and fundraising. Our volunteers help open doors to new opportunities and make important connections. Please get in touch if you are interested in helping support this important work.

Photo credits.  Top: Chandan Dey, 2009, Photoshare.  Spearhead: Virginia Lamprecht, 2002, Photoshare.