We wouldcarel@home like to share our videos in other languages and are grateful for your help. The process is described below. Please contact us if you would like to proceed with narration in your own language.

The Process

Translation: We will provide you with script files in English. It is important that the translation is accurate of course, so it is preferable that it be done by someone who has medical background or knowledge. It is best to use common and simple language, and to try to keep the length of the sentences similar to the length of the English version so that the voice fits easily on the film when voice-over is added; if longer phrases are used, it may be cause problems when trying to synch the voice to the images and action.

Narration: The voice chosen should be clear and there should be no background noise or interference—it is best if the recording is done in a professional studio. Voice should be engaging and naturally expressive, for example, people who are storytellers, singers, or radio announcers make excellent narrators. It will sound flat if it’s simply read.

Film edit: The final step depends on the resources available to your organization. If you have access to professional film editors, we can send the video files to you so that you can have the voice over done at your home location. However, if you don’t have help available or if you prefer, you could send us the audio files via email and our editors can add the narration to the films.

Some Legal Details

Translation and narration of our videos require our permission because they constitute “derivative products” (alterations or modifications of the videos) that are not allowed under our Terms of Use.

Global Health Media Project retains full ownership and title of voiced-over videos, and will make them available in our video library. All of GHMP’s Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of Liability that are stated on our website and the videos themselves remain in effect. The parties doing the translation and narration have responsibility for that work—GHMP does not and cannot guarantee its accuracy and reliability.