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Hospitals/Clinics: 3,470
Universities/Colleges: 2,300
Government/MOHs: 1,065
UN/NGOs: 3,545

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  1. Médecins Sans Frontieres
  2. National Health Service, UK
  4. Save the Children
  5. Ghana Health Services
  6. Jhpiego
  7. Nat’l Childbirth Trust, UK
  8. International Red Cross
  9. WIC Program
  10. Action Against Hunger
  11. La Leche League
  12. UNFPA
  13. World Vision Internat’l
  14. World Health Organization
  15. Partners in Health

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Research Projects

Mothers’ knowledge and practices – Ethiopia

Mothers’ knowledge and practices – Ethiopia

Our breastfeeding videos resulted in significant knowledge gains and reinforcement of best practices in Gambella refugee camp nutrition programs.

[Traditional] counselling takes more time and sometimes beneficiaries get bored, however, with videos they are happy to learn.
– Health worker in study
CHW knowledge and retention – Ethiopia

CHW knowledge and retention – Ethiopia

Video training of Community Health Workers on essential newborn care showed significant increases in knowledge and retention in Ethiopia.

Videos may provide a platform to scale large community health worker education programs globally.
– Rishi Mediratta, study author
ghmp-Breastfeeding Peer Counselor

Peer counselor training – Malaysia

Our breastfeeding videos led to more effective training and improved counseling of mothers.

The videos triggered a lot of ‘Aha’ moments among the participants …
– Nor Kamariah Mohamad Alwi
Mothers’ knowledge and confidence – Rwanda

Mothers’ knowledge and confidence – Rwanda

Parents frequently need to provide basic care to their sick babies in hospitals in low-resource settings. Our videos significantly improved their knowledge and confidence and improved care of their newborn.

Videos have the potential to improve the quality of care provided to admitted neonates by their parents in low-resource settings.
– Study authors
Mothers’ knowledge and practices – rural Uganda

Mothers’ knowledge and practices – rural Uganda

The study, among rural semi-illiterate communities, showed dramatic increases in knowledge and that video education can change attitudes and practices. Mothers loved the videos!

[The video] was good because it taught even how to breastfeed the baby. Many lacked that knowledge.
– mother in rural Uganda

User Stories


UNFPA distributes our videos in East & South Africa

USB drives with 120 of our videos were distributed to midwives and frontline health workers with limited Internet access in Africa. The videos are key learning aids for both new students and practicing clinicians.

Honestly, we find these amazing.
– Geeta Lal, Global Midwifery Program Coordinator, UNFPA
Our Videos complement Helping Babies Survive Modules

Our Videos complement Helping Babies Survive Modules

Our videos complement Helping Babies Breathe, Essential Care for Every Baby, and Essential Care for Small Babies: training tools for newborn care in low-resource settings by AAP.

These videos deliver a message in a way that we simply cannot reproduce in any other way.
– Carl Bose, MD, Editor, Essential Care for Every Baby

Videos integrated into Helping Mothers Survive modules

3 modules feature our birth videos: Essential Care for Labor & Birth, Bleeding After Birth Complete, and Prolonged & Obstructed Labor. Video links are within the on-line Flipbooks as well as in our “Video Chapter Books”.

Our video chapter books offer easy, flexible access to videos during workshops.
Birth & Beyond app gives easy access to videos

Birth & Beyond app gives easy access to videos

Our first smartphone app—on both Android phones and iPhones—provides mothers and caregivers with our practical, trustworthy videos on essential topics from birth up to 2 years in over 25 languages.

I love the app and have been sharing it with many families. It is very impactful.
– Charnise

Merck Manuals for Professionals and MSD App

A number of our childbirth videos are now available on Merck Manuals’ website and their app, MSD Manual Guide to Obstetrics. This partnership enables our videos to reach an even wider global audience of health professionals.

Makes the best current medical information accessible to 3 billion professionals and patients on every continent.
– Merck Manuals website

Yale School of Nursing MOOC features our videos

A success right out of the gate, Yale’s global online course, Global Quality Maternal and Newborn Care, is available on Coursera and targets a wide range of users from policy makers to clinicians.

Current, relevant to practice, powerful videos.
– Elana L.
Partnership in Survive & Thrive

Partnership in Survive & Thrive

Invited to join the Alliance in 2014, we helped improve maternal, newborn, and child health outcomes through the development of new teaching videos.

While the Alliance ended in 2017, the important relationships that were forged continue to influence and support our work.