Ethiopian study: GHMP videos improve
maternal breastfeeding knowledge and practices

This research was designed to determine the effectiveness of using Global Health Media Project videos to improve maternal breastfeeding knowledge and practice in Ethiopia, and to determine the acceptability and utility of the videos.

The study was done in the Kule and Tierkidi refugee camps in Gambella, Ethiopia in 2020. GOAL had already been implementing nutrition programs in these camps since 2014, including maternal infant and young child feeding (MIYCF) and management of at-risk mothers and infants under six months (MAMI). In an effort to address the improve these programs and address the barriers faced by breastfeeding women, GOAL included GHMP breastfeeding videos within both programs.

The study population included 96 mothers of infants under six months. Eight GHMP videos were narrated in Nuer for this intervention, which involved showing the women the videos on a tablet on a one-to-one basis. Each mother watched all the videos at least twice. Data were collected from mothers at baseline and endline using questionnaires. In addition, at endline, focus group discussions were held with mothers and key informant interviews with MIYCF/MAMI counselors.

The study findings very strongly demonstrated the positive impact of the videos with regard to improved knowledge and reinforcement of positive behavioral practices for optimal feeding.

The full article (“Use of educational videos to improve maternal breastfeeding knowledge and practices in Ethiopia” by Ritu Rana, Hatty Barthorp, Liya Assefa, Alemayhu Beri and Mary T Murphy) is available at this link. It was published in Field Exchange issue 65, May 2021,

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