Global Intensity Map for Online Viewership

Impact starts with viewership. Numbers on video use demonstrate the wide reach that our videos have, from individual health workers in remote regions to broad coverage in at-risk communities. Downloaded video copies can be watched by many, shared widely, and viewed over and over again.

Videos completed:  66

Languages for narration:

Newborn care, childbirth, breastfeeding:  10

The Story of Cholera:  31

Online Views

Our videos have been watched online in virtually every country in the world (236 countries and territories). Viewership has been climbing steadily and has now reached hundreds of thousands per month.

Total online views:  13.0 million (as of September 1, 2016)

Number of countries/territories:  236

Most watched videos online:

Breastfeeding Positions:  2.4 million

Increasing Your Milk Supply:  1.3 million

The Story of Ebola:  1.1 million

Breastfeeding in the First Hours After Birth:  1.0 million

What To Do About Breast Pain: 960,000

The Story of Cholera:  790,000

Breastfeeding Attachment:  620,000

The Vaginal Exam in Labor:  600,000

How to Express Breastmilk:  430,000

The Position of the Baby:  370,000

Video Downloads

Downloads are especially important because of how many people watch and learn from the videos, and how many people can potentially receive better care. We collect information on who downloads our videos along with their anticipated usage.

Videos downloaded:  71,000

Most downloaded videos:

Basic Skills:  2,500

Attaching Your Baby at the Breast:  2,100

Breastfeeding in the First Hours After Birth:  2,100

Giving Good Care During Labor:  2,000

Newborn Physical Exam:  1,900

Early Initiation of Breastfeeding:  1,800

Breast Engorgement:  1,700

Breathing Problems:  1,700

The Position of the Baby:  1,600

Danger Signs in Newborns:  1,600

Breastfeeding Attachment:  1,500


Organizations who download by type: