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… Video is a very good and essential tool. These materials are very difficult to find and are not available in French or local languages. I personally learn best with pictures, videos and observation followed by practice, and I am sure that for most adult learners it is the same. Your new NGO is really needed. Ensure as wide a distribution as you can. All countries I have worked in need good, simple training that will ensure that participants attain knowledge and simple skills that we know save lives.

— Helenlouise Taylor, MD, pediatrician, UNICEF, Mali

I have no doubt that the work of the Global Health Media Project (GHMP) will soon become one of the standards for international health care training. Funding an innovative project such as GHMP will greatly improve training outcomes, reaching potentially thousands of workers in their native language with clinical tools that are readily accessible whenever they are needed for review and reference. And ultimately, this will benefit millions in need throughout the world. This possibility is compelling and hopeful.

— Ron Koss, Executive Vice President, Nutricopia, Inc.; Co-Founder, Earth’s Best BabyFoods

It’s a good initiative. Your project is good for African countries where Internet bandwidth and telecommunications infrastructure is still a challenge. Health workers in Cameroon do not have enough time to read documents we give to them, but were more attentive to video. Your project could solve 50% of our problems. It would be better if videos were translated into local languages. Thanks for this initiative that could help more developed countries.

— Bruno Kenne, Labotel, Cameroonian NGO in eHealth domain

What a marvelous initiative—well done! We make our own written guidelines but to have a clinical training video-based on our guidelines—like yours is based on a WHO guideline—is an excellent idea. Well done for doing this. I find this inspiring.

— Justus Krabshuis, manager of Ask a Librarian service of Highland Data, Argyll, Scotland (Provides remote, on-demand gastroenterology information, mainly for Africa.)

We would be interested in working with your organization in getting these valuable clinical training videos out to the most remote health workers and clinics—right where it is needed most—without being restricted by the ability (or inability) to connect to the Internet. This tool is very powerful, particularly to the health workers who have no time for reading books or going back to class for refresher courses.

— Muthoni Gichohi, Project Manager, Family Health Options Kenya

We work in an extremely remote and isolated area of the Northeast Andes sitting above the Amazon Basin. I am very interested in your initiative. I hope you would consider having your videos translated or close-captioned in other languages, (i.e., Spanish!) … especially in early maternal and child health care.

— Sally Ourieff, MD, co-founder, Hatun Runa (an international NGO based in Massachusetts)

I think your project is an excellent idea. What I really like about it is that you intend to share your videos with other websites. Your project has the potential to go from strength to strength … you can really bring about a global change.

— Sowmya Rajasekaran, doctoral candidate, Health System Strengthening, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

I am a midwife working in the UK and travel to Ethiopia twice a year to teach management of emergency obstetric and neonatal skills. It would be very useful indeed to have some short videos to supplement the teaching and help to explain in a visual way how to deal with the emergencies.

— Melrose East, Practice Educator – Midwifery, Gwent Health Care NHS Trust, a UK-based NGO