New videos on childbirth complications

We are truly delighted to announce the release of eight new videos on managing childbirth complications. They include extraordinarily hard-to-source live footage of uncommon events.

To be successful, our film team needed to be in the right place at the right time. We spent a total of nine weeks filming in high-volume maternities in Nepal, Indonesia, Rwanda, and Ghana.

Some of the videos, such as breech and stuck shoulders, also include animation to unpack the steps of maneuvers — allowing the trainee to visualize how each action assists the birth of the baby.

We are grateful to the many people who helped make these films a reality. We would like to offer special thanks to the leadership in the hospitals where we filmed, our midwife “actresses” and, above all, the women who agreed to be filmed.

The videos cover the management of twins, breech birth, stuck shoulders, cord around the neck, prolonged labor, severe pre-eclampsia, uterine infection, and the use of oxytocin to treat prolonged labor.

All the videos are available in English at this link. Several are now available in French and Spanish with the rest to follow soon.

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