A tremendous amount of work has gone on “behind the scenes” to ensure the accuracy, authenticity, and humanity of our newborn care videos. We are extremely grateful to all the people who have given their time and expertise so generously to make this video project a reality. We are also very grateful to all the mothers, fathers, and newborn baby actors and actresses that so willingly participated in the filming—all for the greater goal of helping health workers learn and save newborn lives. Following is a partial list of individuals to whom we are indebted for their significant contributions. (And to all those who wish to remain anonymous, or whom we have not yet reached to approve their listing, we also extend heartfelt thanks.)

Clinical Site Field Support

Lydia Regina Aerede, Program Officer, MCHIP/Jhpiego, Nigeria
Nasir Mohammed Bashir, Program Officer, MCHIP/Jhpiego, Nigeria
Juan Llado, Logistical Support, Dominican Republic
Emmanuel Otolorin, Country Director, MCHIP/Jhpiego, Nigeria
Archana Patel, Head of Pediatrics, Indira Gandhi Government Medical College, India
USAID/Maternal & Child Centers of Excellence Project, Dominican Republic

Medical Content Experts

Miriam Adhikari, Neonatalogist, U. of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Maneesh Batra, Neonatalogist, U. of Washington Department of Global Health, USA
Carley Claghorn, Nurse, Copley Hospital, USA
Larry Consenstein, Neonatalogist, St Joseph’s Hospital, USA
Sheena Currie, Midwife, MCHIP/Jhpiego, USA
Joseph de Graft-Johnson, Public Health Physician, MCHIP/Save the Children, USA
Renee du Toit, Eye Health Consultant, New Zealand
Mary Flemming, Nurse, Fletcher Allen Health Care, USA
Karen Hays, Midwife, U. of Washington School of Nursing Midwifery Program, USA
Miki Karplus, Neonatalogist, Medical School for International Health, Israel
Robert Hoffmann, Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Salt Lake City, USA
Celeste Madden, Pediatrician, Madison Irving Pediatrics, USA
Goldy Mazia, Pediatrician, MCHIP/PATH, USA
Dave Woods, Neonatalogist, Perinatal Education Program, South Africa

Health Worker Actresses/Actors

Yashua Alkali, Pediatrician, Nigeria
Mohammed “Sulieman” Bello, Pediatrician, Nigeria


Mark Binder
Andrea Campbell
Bishnu Kalpit
Peter Kent


Tony Bacon
Bob Hebener
Laurie House
Carl MacNeal


Lorelei Pepi


Charlotte Blake Alston, English
Dr. Magdalena Serpa, Spanish

Field Test Site Support

Halima Abdu, Nigeria
Dada Daneshananda, Nigeria
Alyson Davidson, Dominican Republic
Daisy Dharmaraj, India
Barbara Hanrahan, South Africa
Rebecca Ngalande, Malawi
Ritva Nieme, Tanzania
Lisa Umphrey, Uganda

Interpreters in Dominican Republic

Connie Alfaro
Randi Bates
Alyson Davidson

Translation (Spanish)

Otto Albers
Mónica Algazi
Patricia Carreira
Lucia Colombino
Brenda Haley
Marco Kunzler
Rosana Mondino
Claudia Reynaud
Translators Without Borders