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Breastfeeding Series

Of all preventative interventions, breastfeeding has
the greatest potential impact on child survival.

Virtually every mother can breastfeed, if given the right support, advice, and encouragement, as well as practical assistance to resolve any problems. Our breastfeeding videos “show and tell” essential information to help health workers learn to observe and better guide mothers, and to give mothers the opportunity to “learn by seeing” how to breastfeed in a way they can easily understand and follow.

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These breastfeeding videos are the
only ones I’ve ever seen that go into exactly
the right detail. When I saw the head tilt,
in the latch animation, I realized you
had the crux of it exactly as it should be.

Charlotte Yonge, Lactation consultant, France

Footage was filmed in Nepal, Kenya, Toronto, and Vermont with more than 100 breastfeeding mothers and babies.  It was a challenging series of videos to shoot — as good attachment is rare, babies fall asleep quickly, and capturing the best teaching angle changes instantly as the baby moves to the breast. 

The videos follow current breastfeeding standards, were carefully reviewed by our team of lactation experts, and field tested in several locations in the developing world. There is a set of videos for health workers and a companion set adapted for mothers.

How our breastfeeding videos are making a difference




Languages represented

330+ million


The breastfeeding videos are the most sought after and commended of our video series. The painstaking attention to detail and special focus on showing the angles and actions that teach have led to the resounding success of this series. The videos were featured at the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative Congress in 2016, hosted by WHO and UNICEF in Geneva.

The breastfeeding videos have wide appeal to health care providers at all levels—nurses, midwives, doctors, lactation counselors, and students—as well as mothers, both new and experienced. They are available in more than 40 languages and used throughout the developing world, and in many developed countries where breastfeeding has become a lost art. 


Mothers learn to breastfeed by watching other mothers breastfeed. Sadly, in France we don’t have a breastfeeding culture, so many mothers have never seen a breastfed baby before having their first child. Most of the doctors have no clue on how a breast does work, many just tell the mothers to use the bottle instead. A vast majority of grandmothers did not breastfeed so they cannot help young breastfeeding mothers.


Your videos fill the gap very well, especially when it comes to learning how to latch correctly.


Agnès, from Lyon, France

I have learnt a lot from the newly released 8 videos on breastfeeding and have started applying the knowledge gained to help breastfeeding women in my village on the best practices.

Thanks for dissemination of this knowledge.


Alhassan Aliyu, Gamagira, South Africa

Very thorough and well explained. I really enjoyed it and found value in all the information. I hope more mothers can have access to this video so they don’t give up on breastfeeding. Its a beautiful experience and this video truly shows that. Thank you!



Such excellent content! I am a Lactation Counselor and will be showing this to clients. It is a great balance of information and accessibility.


Chelsea Rothschild

Let me just say WOW!


I am OVERWHELMED with how great of a job everyone has to work on this website and videos! THANK you. I work for WIC and just stumbled upon your website. I am currently networking your whole site to all of my co-workers at WIC.


Andrea Balderas

I am so thankful for this video. I am an IBCLC in central Missouri and work to make sure all of my clients have access to this video. It has helped many, many moms in our area. I appreciate all of your hard work!


Renee E. Davis

This is now my new favorite video to show mothers during my breastfeeding education classes.


Everything from the soothing voice of the narrator, to the slow motion latching shots to the content itself, this video has it all for discussing baby’s latch.


Michelle Gold

I spent two weeks in a birthing hospital in the Dominican Republic and showed the beautiful and educational GHMP videos (in Spanish) to doctors, nurses, families, housekeepers, students, teachers, and anyone and everyone who was willing to watch.


The videos drew a crowd and better yet they CHANGED PRACTICE in the hospital!


Valerie Goodman, RN, Lactation Consultant, USA

We are working to build more and better breastfeeding support and resources in Boston neighborhoods.  We have found your videos to be so beautiful, clear and inspiring. We are very grateful to have them in multiple languages!


There have been times where they are the only source we have for providing support and breastfeeding information.


Jenny Weaver, Lactation Consultant, USA

I can’t tell you how much they have transformed our training sessions and the ability of both staff and mums to know how to make successful breastfeeding much more likely and deal with problems that might arise.


The videos are so clear in every way.


Rosemary Brown FiHV, RSCPN, MSc, RN, RM, Infant Feeding Coordinator, London, UK


Primary Sources

Dr. Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding, Jack Newman and Teresa Pitman, 2014
Breastfeeding Made Simple, Nancy Mohrbacher and Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, 2010
Breastfeeding Promotion and Support in a Baby-Friendly Hospital: 20-hour Course, UNICEF/WHO, 2009

Lactation Experts

Nor Kamariah Mohamad Alwi, IBCLC
Louise Goosen, IBCLC (on-site in Kenya)
Kristen Harker, CNM, CLC
Miriam Labbok, MD, MPH
Shery Leeder, IBCLC (on-site in Nepal)
Jane Morton MD
Jack Newman, MD
Vicki Rich, IBCLC, RN
Casie Tesfai, CLC
Cindy Turner-Maffei, IBCLC

Clinical Sites

CANADA – International Breastfeeding Centre, Toronto
NEPAL – Itahari Birthing Center
NEPAL – Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital
KENYA – Kapenguria Clinic and Kitale Hospital

Health Worker “Actresses”

Nepal – Sipra Joshi, nurse
Nepal – Meena Sharma, nurse
Kenya – Alice Waweru, nurse
Kenya – Rose Nambuye, nurse

Global Health Media

Film Team

Deb Van Dyke – producer, director
Mark Binder – videographer
Bishnu Kalpit – videographer
Michael Sacca – videographer
Tony Bacon – editor
Charlotte Blake Alston – English narrator
Jeanne Bernier – French narrator
Maria Alexandra Granja – Spanish narrator

Funding Support

Two grants from the Laerdal Foundation and the Vitol Foundation were instrumental in making the breastfeeding series possible. We’d also like to thank our friends and neighbors in the Mad River Valley of Vermont—and beyond—for their steady support for our film series.