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The Story of Coronavirus

The Story of Coronavirus is designed to help people quickly grasp how the disease is transmitted so they can protect themselves and others. 

We produced The Story of Coronavirus in response to the pandemic that swept the world in 2020.

The film follows two people who go to a market and shows how they spread the virus to others. Eventually, their whole neighborhood gets infected. The film shows how we can protect ourselves and those around us.

The story continues as a woman gets sick with the virus. Her family stays home so they don’t infect others, and learn the rules that they need to follow to stay safe while caring for her.

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Valuable, factual & beautiful contribution to COVID prevention, protection & treatment!

Carole Parker

The film makes the invisible coronavirus visible, and helps people immediately grasp how easily the disease is transmitted in a simple and visual way. Meeting the need for better education and awareness is critical in slowing the spread of this disease worldwide.

The Story of Coronavirus was developed in collaboration with award-winning animator Yoni Goodman, who also partnered with us on our cholera and Ebola animations (viewed hundreds of millions of times). The content has been reviewed by experts from CDC, IFRC and UNICEF.

How “The Story of Coronavirus is making a difference




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As of this writing (July 2021), Covid-19 and its variants are surging in many regions across the world. This animated film continues to be highly relevant and needed to provide lifesaving information to communities across the globe.

Given the success of our two other public health animations, The Story of Coronavirus has the potential to have enormous impact. Where cholera and Ebola are episodic and localized, coronavirus quickly became a global pandemic that leaves almost no one untouched.



Excellent, educative and communicative!


Rajeev Dudhalkar


I just received and viewed your outstanding Coronavirus video, created with such great urgency. You’ve made an incalculable contribution to combatting the pandemic. Global Health Media does not sleep!


Alice Werbel, NP, USA


This is brilliant! Thank you so much Global Health Media for making it possible to reach a wider population with the all the videos you’ve made available for us in this platform. Our community health volunteers now have an important and captivating education tool while doing their household visits, all thanks to you. Keep Up the Good Work!


Gora Akinyi



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Film Team

Yoni Goodman – director, lead animator
Deb Van Dyke – producer, story
Peter Cardellichio and Mark Binder – associate producers
Uri Inks – art director
Ayesha Casely-Hayford – English narration
Uri Kalian – music, sound FX, and mix

Content Experts

Carolyn Herzig – CDC
Benjamin Park – CDC
Ombretta Baggio – IFRC
Gwendolen Eamer – IFRC
Bronwyn Nichol – IFRC
Monica Posada – IFRC
Sharon Reader – IFRC
Violeta Cojocaru – UNICEF
Didobeu Charles – UNICEF
Etienne Dago – UNICEF
Juan Andres Gil – UNICEF
Georges Gonzales – UNICEF
Sabine Michiels – UNICEF
Naureen Naqvi – UNICEF
Mariana Palavra – UNICEF
Etienne Kilian Reussner – UNICEF

Funding Support

This film was produced with the support of TEPHINET, Latter-Day Saint Charities, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and our individual and family donors from the Mad River Valley, Vermont – and beyond.

Funding by TEPHINET, a program of the Task Force for Global Health, Inc., was provided through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The contents of the film are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health and Human Services, The Task Force for Global Health, Inc., or TEPHINET.