This research tested the effectiveness of Global Health Media Project videos to teach community health workers about neonatal health.

The study was done in Gondar, Ethiopia in 2018. A curriculum was developed on essential newborn care topics (for example, recognizing danger signs and maintaining body temperature) using Global Health Media videos.

A two-day workshop was held at the University of Gondar Hospital in which participants were shown 18 GHMP videos. 67 CHWs participated in the pre- and post-tests, and the results showed a statistically significant improvement in test scores. Knowledge retention rates remained high after six months: a second final test given to 42 of the CHWs continued to show a statistically significant increase relative to the pre-test.

The study authors (Rishi Mediratta and Ashenafi Tazebew) concluded that videos are a tool that may be used to scale large community health worker education programs at a global level.

The full study has been submitted for journal publication and is described in more detail here.