Concern ConcernSSudan1Worldwide is using our video—Warning Signs in Newborns, for mothers and caregivers—to help train traditional birth attendants in South Sudan. They have received very positive feedback on the two trainings they have done so far.

Adèle Fox (Health & Nutrition Programme Advisor) reports that the TBAs “said they had never been shown anything like this before and were able to learn so much by being able to see everything with their own eyes. We also found it a really useful tool because it was a different way of teaching them, and they responded really well to each of the points and the way things were presented in the video. We paused the film after each warning sign and discussed what the sign was.” After the video presentation and discussion, the group found it easy to remember most of the signs.

ConcernSSudan2Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to reducing poverty and suffering. It has staff of 3,200 working in 25 of the world’s poorest countries.

Photos by Adèle Fox, Concern Worldwide:  “A group of Traditional Birth Attendants in Chelkou, South Sudan are shown a video during their training to identify mothers and newborns with warning signs and refer them for care.”