The Story of Cholera

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The Story of Cholera was produced in collaboration with award-winning animator Yoni Goodman.

We embarked on this project in response to the outbreak of cholera in Haiti and reports that the population needed basic and accurate messages about the disease.

The four-minute animation covers transmission, prevention, signs of cholera, and care in a simple and accessible way. The film follows evidence-based guidelines, consistent with messages already in place in Haiti. Earlier versions have been field-tested, as well as reviewed for accuracy and content.

We chose animation because it has the unique ability to make visible the invisible “cholera germ” to help populations understand how transmission occurs. The story is told through the eyes of a young boy as he helps a health worker save his father and then guides his village in preventing the spread of cholera. By bringing alive concepts that are sometimes poorly understood, we aim to increase awareness of the causes of the disease and prevention in a way that compels people to improve their hygiene.

While we first hope to reach the general population in Haiti, the film has been created and designed for a global audience. The narration has been translated into several languages through Translators Without Borders. We are now looking for clear and expressive voices to record Haitian Creole, Caribbean Spanish, African French, Swahili, Bengali, and Yoruba.