Our Story of Ebola, due for release at the end of March, aims to help communities understand how the disease is spread and how to stop it. In a simple animated narrative, it brings to life the critical messages to fight this disease.

Even with recent improvements in the battle against Ebola, public health experts stress that there will be a continuing need for better education and awareness to cope with this outbreak and potential future outbreaks.

Two recent stories reaffirmed the critical need for the kind of information this video provides. Claudia Evers (MSF/Doctors Without Borders) spoke of the huge need for education and public health messages, “Isolate your sick and bring them in for treatment.” (By Misha Hussain, MSF says lack of public health message on Ebola “big mistake”.) And according to Bruce Aylward (WHO): “Ebola can be beaten. When community members come together with health workers, work together, that’s when this disease can be stopped.” (Bruce Aylward, Humanity vs Ebola. How we could win a terrifying war, TED Talk.)