Videos on Contraceptive Counseling

We have now released 55 videos on family planning, all available in English, French and Spanish. Three of our newest videos cover topics on contraceptive counseling.

Comparing Contraceptive Methods provides an overview of different methods that are available to women and their partners. Rather than focusing on the technical features of each method, this video shows how different methods affect the lives of users. Contraceptive methods are compared based on effectiveness, ease of use, and special features so that the choice is best matched to a woman’s personal needs and life circumstances.

The Contraceptive Counseling Visit shows how a health worker can counsel clients using contraceptive cards. This video demonstrates an interactive, practical approach that helps quickly narrow down the choices suitable to a client’s personal needs so attention can be focused on the most appropriate options. The Contraceptive Counseling Visit for Adolescents takes into account the personal and special needs of women in this younger age group, and demonstrates the important aspects of a visit with an adolescent.

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