“Providing access to reliable health information for health workers is potentially the single most cost effective and achievable strategy for sustainable improvement in health care in developing countries.”

— Pakenham-Walsh, et al. British Medical Journal

The issue

India, 2009 Kailash Mittal, Photoshare

Health workers in poor countries often lack access to basic information that is essential to providing effective health care. | Read more

A solution

Short engaging videos provide a simple and effective solution to help health workers gain the knowledge and basic skills known to save lives. | Read more


Global Health Media Project was founded to put practical, life-saving knowledge into the hands of healers at the point of care. | Read more

Our plan

We have assembled an expert team to produce an open access Web library of high-quality videos—true to conditions in low-resource settings and effectively compressed for playback on a variety of mobile devices—which will meet the needs of frontline health workers in a simple, accessible, and cost-effective way. | Read more