Global Health Media Project was founded to put practical, life-saving knowledge into the hands of healers at the point of care.

Our mission is to produce and distribute high-quality clinical videos that are tailored to the learning needs and low-resource realities of health providers in poor countries.  By combining the teaching power of video with the dissemination potential of emerging information and communication technologies, this project will provide a memorable and engaging approach that reaches large numbers of health workers, cost-effectively, across vast distances.

As better information reaches more health workers and caregivers, we hope to positively impact the practices of providers thereby benefiting the health and lives of people throughout poor regions of the world.

A key objective is not only to have a major impact in improving health care, but to do so at minimal cost.  A simple multiplier analysis shows what a small investment in video training can do.  We estimate that one video within our series can be produced for less than $10,000, which includes filming on location, narration, animation, translation, testing and feedback, and revisions.

Based on data from a breastfeeding video passively distributed in 2007, we estimate that through active promotion via an internet-based strategy, our video tools could easily reach 100,000 providers— making the cost per viewer as little as ten cents.  The cost would be reduced to only a fraction of a cent per patient, given that each provider would utilize their updated skills to help hundreds, and even thousands, of patients in a year.  The remarkable cost/benefit ratios of such a program mean that each penny spent could favorably impact many lives.

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