We chose newborn care as our first initiative to help address the crisis of high rates of newborn mortality in developing countries. Almost three million newborns die every year. Most can be saved with low-cost, low-tech interventions. This series features more than 30 videos that bring to life newborn care guidelines in a memorable and engaging way. The series covers newborn skills, newborn problems, and special care (including referrals and home visits).

The Newborn Care Series started as our pilot series in 2011. We chose high-volume hospitals in developing countries to be sure we would have plenty of opportunity to film sick babies. We have continued to add footage from every country where we’ve filmed to increase the diversity of settings and international representation of our videos.

A tremendous amount of work has gone on “behind the scenes” to ensure the accuracy, authenticity, and humanity of our newborn care videos. We are very grateful to all the people who have given their time and expertise so generously to make this video project a reality.

Primary Sources

Care of the Newborn Reference Manual, Save the Children, 2004
Managing Newborn Problems, WHO, 2003
Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses Chart Booklet, WHO, 2011

Medical Experts

Dr. Karen Hays, CNM, Midwifery Instructor, Bastyr University, USA
Dr. Goldy Mazia, Pediatrician, MCHIP/PATH, USA
Dr. Dave Woods, Neonatalogist, Perinatal Education Program, South Africa

Collaborators at Clinical Sites

  • Dominican Republic: Dr. Carlos Cuellar, Maternal and Newborn Centers of Excellence, USAID/Maternal & Child Centers of Excellence Project
  • Nigeria: Dr. Emmanuel Otolorin, County Director, MCHIP/Jhpiego, Nigeria
  • India:  Dr. Archana Patel, Head of Pediatrics, Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and
    Daga Memorial Hospital, Nagpur, India and Lata Medical Research Foundation
  • Nepal: Dr. Rachel Karrach, United Mission Hospital, Tansen, Nepal
  • Haiti: Dr. Rejoit, Ministry of Health, Hinche, Haiti

Health Worker “Actresses/Actors”

Amaira Gonzalez, Pediatrician, Dominican Republic
Yashua Alkali, Pediatrician, Nigeria
Mohammed “Sulieman” Bello, Pediatrician, Nigeria
Ashish Lothe, Pediatrician, India
Sonal Datir, Pediatrician, India
Rachel Maharjan, Pediatrician, Nepal


English:  Charlotte Blake Alston
Spanish:  Dr. Magdalena Serpa; Maria Alexandra Granja
French:  Jeanne Bernier
Swahili:  Rodha Moraa
Nepali:  Anita Bindu
Khmer:  Heng Vinmony; Om Socheata

Illustration and Animation

Lorelei Pepi

Financial Support

We would like to acknowledge the exceptional generosity of our friends and neighbors in the Mad River Valley of Vermont—and beyond—for their steady support since the beginning of this initiative. We are also grateful to MCHIP/USAID and Jhpiego/Nigeria for field support during our film shoot in Kano, Nigeria in September 2011.


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