WHO singles out “Story of Coronavirus” for innovative use of animation

WHO recently selected “The Story of Coronavirus” for a collection of the best examples of innovative work—both creative and rigorous—that effectively communicated key scientific messages during the Covid-19 pandemic. In spite of the uncertainties and evolving science during the early phases of the pandemic, people needed the best information available on how to protect themselves and their families.

“The Story of Coronavirus” is featured among the 20 most highly rated examples that “showcase the impressive creativity with which science communicators make the science behind COVID-19 more accessible, understandable and meaningful to their audiences.”

As a case study, “The Story of Coronavirus” was singled out for the innovative use of animation to help the general public understand how the virus is transmitted and what protective actions to take. The animation makes the invisible coronavirus visible by giving it a structure and color. It uses simple visuals to educate people to adopt prevention practices to protect themselves and others at home and in their community.

Four of the criteria used in the selection process are addressed in the case study: 1) innovation factors; 2) accuracy of scientific information; 3) evaluation of impact; and 4) considerations of equality, equity and human rights. The case study can be downloaded at this link.

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