World Contraception Day is September 26

Our Family Planning Series supports the goals of World Contraception Day.

This annual campaign raises awareness about contraception options to help people make informed choices. Our Family Planning Series (63 videos, now in English, French, and Spanish) teaches health care providers how to improve care, and helps women and their partners choose and use contraceptive methods that best meet their needs.

These videos help fill a gap in the availability of reliable, easy-to-understand family planning information. Confident use of contraception can reduce unplanned pregnancies, and improve maternal and child health.

We have two new apps to make our family planning videos more widely accessible. Both are available on the Google Play store and the iPhone App store.

Learn Family Planning is for women and their partners. The app includes 23 videos on contraceptive methods and related content. Videos are in English, French, Spanish, and Nyanja. The app is featured in the spotlight on the Self-Care Trailblazers Group website.

Practice Family Planning is for health workers. The app includes 40 videos on contraceptive methods, skills, counseling, support, and infection prevention.

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