YouTube Health features Global Health Media

We’re pleased to announce that GHMP is featured on the new YouTube Health  website. The site explores how health organizations and clinical experts across the globe are using YouTube to make high-quality information available to everyone.

Global Health Media Project is presented under “Supporting Clinical Education” on this page. Clickable case studies are woven throughout the site to show how organizations are leveraging YouTube to maximize their reach and impact.

“Information can help drive health outcomes,” says Garth Graham, MD, YouTube’s Director and Global Head of Healthcare and Public Health. “Video is an incredibly effective format for sharing health information in engaging, digestible, and emotionally supportive ways.”

Global Health Media’s YouTube Channel now has 820 million views and 2.2 million subscribers and is making a significant contribution to global health care education. We look forward to utilizing the new YouTube Health platform to further expand our impact and reach around the world.

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