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Carel Pedre narrates The Story of Cholera in Haitian Creole

The Story of Cholera is now available in Haitian Creole (including an Andeyo version) on our website, and compressed for free download to mobile devices. The narration was done by Carel Pedre, who is well-known throughout Haiti and considered to be one of the most popular radio and TV announcers in the country. Carel is no stranger to humanitarian work, having received the Special Shorty Award by the Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences for keeping the world informed—using Twitter—of the devastation occurring when Haiti was struck by the earthquake in January 2010. We are very grateful for Carel’s assistance in narrating the film.

Post-production assistance was provided by Eran Spira, who is a film composer, music editor, and computer technician. The script was translated by Marleen Julien (Translators Without Borders) and Joanne Perodin.

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Newborn care videos featured on Save the Children’s Healthy Newborn Network Blog

Nigeria, 2000 Liz Gilbert, Photoshare

Nigeria, 2000 Liz Gilbert, Photoshare

The Healthy Newborn Network (HNN) has featured our video project in an article entitled “Bringing newborn care to life: New videos teach frontline health workers and mothers how to care for newborns.”  HNN is an initiative of Save the Children’s program on Saving Newborn Lives.  HNN is a partnership of organizations and individuals who share the common goals of improving newborn health and reducing the high rates newborn mortality worldwide.  The website features news, research, and events related to newborn health and provides a forum for members to discuss and exchange ideas on both newborn and maternal topics.

The article is also highlighted in HNN’s newsletter—NEWBORNNEWS express—which has a distribution of over 5,000 people.

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Field-testing of newborn care videos

Our first 10 newborn care videos have been reviewed by many global content experts and the responses have been very positive.  The videos are ready for field-testing among frontline health workers, and more than 20 members of CHILD2015* and GANM** have expressed interest in participating.  The countries represented include Nigeria, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, South Africa, Haiti, Dominican Republic, India, and Micronesia.  The field-testing will be conducted through focus groups of health workers and guided by questions provided by the Global Health Media Project.  After we gather the feedback, we will complete final edits and expect to release the videos on our website this spring.

*   CHILD2015: Child Healthcare Information for All by 2015, whose goal is that every child worldwide will have access to an informed healthcare provider by 2015.
**  GANM:  Global Alliance for Nursing and Midwifery

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