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Wow, these videos are amazing just the perfect method for educating the community as mine and many other communities in my country.  These videos can with no doubt help reduce the high infant mortality rates in my country.  Videos are the perfect m…

Levi ChifwailaNurse TutorKabwe School of NursingZambia
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New SE Asian Languages!

Our videos are being voiced over by our users across the globe on an ongoing basis. We recently added 18 videos in Malay (by Nor Kamariah Mohamad Alwi) and 18 videos in Vietnamese  (by Thao T. Ngo).

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Caring for a Small Baby at Home

Caring for a small baby at home begins with safely discharging the baby and preparing the family for her care. Once at home, there are five important ways to provide good care for the baby: feed well, provide warmth, protect from sickness, …

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Skin-to-Skin Care: A Life-saving Practice for Small Babies

Our newest teaching films bring to life the life-saving practice of continuous skin-to-skin care—a key element of Kangaroo care—to support its implementation as a standard of care for small babies and newborns. Continuous Skin-to-Skin Care …

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Caring for a Small Baby at Birth

Our three newest videos address the care of a small baby at birth. A small baby’s birth often can be predicted so Preparing for Birth shows how to prepare for their special needs. Since small babies are at risk of problems, Classifying the Small Baby …

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